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Sound Tube Testing

The founders of Sound Tube Testing are involved with pulse reflectometry since 2008. In that year, the first equipment came on the market and used acoustic sound waves as a possibility to inspect tubes of heat exchangers and boilers. The technology was named APR (Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry).


By the time the technology was further developed, established and matured the latest equipment was in its 3rd generation, the Dolphin G3. Sound Tube Testing was founded in January 2011 in order to inspect tubes of heat exchangers and boilers with the Dolphin G3 in Europe. We started to cooperate with several service providing companies all over Europe and developed the use of APR as an inspection technology.


From 2013, we expanded our business into the Middle East and Africa, while in 2014 Asia Pacific followed. Until today, we work together with many clients that are still using the Dolphin G3.


Since the beginning of 2017, the company Sound Wave Inspection Systems (SWIS) developed the 5th generation of APR technology and named it the Sonic V. Obviously, the Sonic V is more advanced than the Dolphin G3: much lighter to handle, working without cables, better software and therefor better results.


Sound Tube Testing carries out inspections with the Sonic V worldwide, either independent or together with partner inspection companies. At the same time, we perform analyzing & reporting services for many clients that are still using the Dolphin G3.

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