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Specifications Dolphin G3 LDP (Large Diameter Probe)

Under 10 seconds per tube depending on tube size, length and configuration

Non-invasive probe assembly including a transducer, microphone, controls, LCD screen and adaptors to fit tubes of any internal diameter up to 4”. Customized extensions (optional) for easy access to tube openings in challenging situations


Patented Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology featuring specialized, proprietary algorithms for NDT inspection


Customizable, graphical on-line reports. Available output in PDF or HTML format

Physical Characteristics

Compact, rugged and lightweight design

Total box weight: 19Kg

Box dimensions: 56cm x 45.5cm x 26.5 cm


Compact handheld device:

Main measurement and

control unit (MCU):


External computer connected to handheld device. Utilized for inspection setup, probe status monitoring, test data recording and analysis via AcousticEye software

Tube Size

54mm – 102mm inner diameter

Detectable Defects



Wall loss

Tube Configuration

Any configuration including U-bends, finned tubes, twisted tubes and spiral wound tubes

Tube Material

Any material including: metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and non-metals (graphite, plastics, ceramics)

Tube Length

Up to 20m length depending on defect size, tube configuration and type

Inspection Speed

Minimum diameter 3mm (smaller in many cases)

Minimum of 5% of cross section

Minimum 40% of wall thickness

Power Input

Dual voltage system (110V/220V)

Temperature Range

-10° to +50° C


CE Declaration of Conformity; Safety Certificate IEC 61010; EMC Test Certificate; Company Quality System certified to ISO 9001:2008

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