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Tube Size

6mm – 52mm inner diameter

Detectable Defects



Wall loss

Tube Configuration

Any configuration including U-bends, finned tubes, twisted tubes and spiral wound tubes

Tube Material

Any material including: metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) and non-metals (graphite, plastics, ceramics)

Tube Length

Up to 20m length depending on defect size, tube configuration and type

Inspection Speed

Minimum diameter 0.5mm (smaller in many cases)

Minimum of 5% of cross section

Minimum 20% on diameter of a defect minimum 5mm

10 seconds per tube in any tube configuration


Battery operated: Li-Ion 14,8V

Dual voltage system (110V/220V)

Operational Temperature Range

-10° to +50° C (14° to 122° F)


In the backpack: 50cm x 33cm x 20cm, 6 kg

Device only: 21cm x 13cm x 27cm, 2kg

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