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How it works

The Sonic V is a 5th generation Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) ultra-portable tool for non-traversing inner diameter testing of tubes in heat exchangers and boilers. Highly sensitive to through wall holes (detects any hole with diameter of 0.5mm and bigger!), with under 10 seconds for single tube inspection, enables efficient testing of 100% of tubes in shutdowns and emergency inspections.

Main advantages

- Inspection solution for tubes with inner diameter between 6mm (1/4‘’) and 52mm (2’’).

- Inspect any shape and material.

- Detects through wall holes, blockages and inner wall loss events on tubes.

- Easy setup and automated mapping.

- Very simple automated measurement process.

- Get report from highly trained and experienced analyst team in less than 24 hours from inspection.

- Battery operated handheld device!

- Very light and convenient for fast transportation – battery certified for air freight.

- All you need for inspection in a single backpack.

360 view of the Sonic V

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