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Sound Tube Testing is performing independently inspections on heat exchangers and boilers all over Europe using the Sonic V equipment. We have the most experienced data collecting technicians available and you will have a detailed report on your desk within a maximum of 24 hours after the collected data came in.


Worldwide we are supporting our partner service providers and end-customers with inspections. Many service providers and end-customers have equipment for inspections the whole year around, but need assistance with extra equipment during emergencies and big shut-downs within a limited timeframe. We fly in on request with equipment in order to help out, so that inspections are performed professionally and on-time.


Analyzing services

Back in 2011 we started our analyzing services on the Dolphin G3 data; both analyzing data from our own inspections as well as analyzing data collected by technicians all over the world using their own Dolphin G3 and later also DUET systems.


In the beginning, we started this service because we noticed that especially end-users faced a lot of time limitations during a shut-down. In this hectic period, all personnel are needed for preparing applications, cleaning, data collection, plugging, putting back in operation applications and then on to the next one. There is simply not enough time to sit down quietly, focus and make a detailed analysis from the collected data. So, we provided that.


Today, all those well over a million of analyzed tubes makes our team extremely experienced in reporting the state of your tubes. Experience that only comes over years of analyzing the most diverse applications from several different industries. We analyze a lot of data from end-customers and service providers alike on a regular base. Each client gets the best possible report within 24 hours, while service providers and end-customers don’t need special trained analyzing personnel whom need to get a lot of experience.


We analyze data from the Sonic V, the Dolphin G3 and the DUET equipment.

Global coverage

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