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Equipment overview

Equipment to inspect heat exchangers and boilers with APR technology

Acoustic Eye stopped producing their Dolphin G3 in 2015. Fortunately, after Acoustic Eye closed business in 2016, Sound Wave Inspection Systems (SWIS) were not only able to produce the latest equipment using APR, but also managed to produce much better and more advanced equipment.


We owe a lot of gratitude towards Acoustic Eye, whom was the first company in the world to use acoustic sound waves as an inspection method for heat exchanger and boiler inspections. APR proved to be a reliable and precise technology, very capable to especially detect even the smallest holes and any type of restrictions.


Sound Wave Inspection Systems brought APR inspections to the next level with the much-improved equipment Sonic V. Using multiple microphones and stronger speakers, the signals of the Sonic V are clearer and better than the Dolphin G3 signals. In combination with the special developed software for the Sonic V, the end-results are very satisfying.

As to be expected 6 years after the Dolphin G3, the Sonic V is much lighter, works entirely without cables (although there where batteries are not allowed, we can work on electricity) and can send data fast and easy directly to our analyzing center.


Tubes with 6mm ID – 52mm ID

From March 2017, we use for all APR inspections on tubes with a 6mm ID up to 52mm ID the Sonic V equipment.


Tubes with 54mm ID – 102mm ID

We will continue to use the Dolphin G3 equipment for all tube inspections on tube ID’s bigger than 54mm.

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