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Analyzing services

Back in 2011 we started our analyzing services on the Dolphin G3 data; both analyzing data from our own inspections as well as analyzing data collected by technicians all over the world using their own Dolphin G3 and DUET systems.


In the beginning, we started this service because we noticed that especially end-users faced a lot of time limitations during a shut-down. In this hectic period, all personnel are needed for preparing applications, cleaning, data collection, plugging, putting back in operation applications and then on to the next one. There is simply not enough time to sit down quietly, focus and make a detailed analysis from the collected data. So, we provided that.


Today, all those well over a million of analyzed tubes makes our team extremely experienced in reporting the state of your tubes. Experience that only comes over years of analyzing the most diverse applications from several different industries.



Total inspection done by Sound Tube Testing

Obviously when you contact us for an inspection, we collect the data, analyze that data and provide you with a report.


By inspection jobs on applications under a total of 1000 tubes, the data collection takes not more than about half a day. The report will be on your desk within 24 hours after finishing the inspection. Analyzing & reporting time doesn’t depend on our availability, but on the status of the inspected tubes. Clean tubes with not to many defects bring a report fast; dirty tubes or a lot of defects slow down the analyzing process.


By inspection jobs where more than 1000 tubes are involved, for example by hug applications or by multiple applications during a big shut-down, we analyze & report “on-the-run”. Our technician(s) that do the data collection, send that data after every 500 tubes to our analyzing center. While the data collection continues, analyzing starts and every 500 tubes the report is on your desk within 24 hours after finishing that section of the inspection.


Inspection done by End-customer or other service provider

Any company with Dolphin G3 equipment, DUET equipment or Sonic V equipment can take on inspection jobs, collect the data on-site, send us that data and our very experienced analysts will directly start to analyze and send you the report within maximum 24 hours, depending on the status of the tubes. We charge a very small amount for this service and you are assured of the best report possible!


Either under time pressure of a shut-down or because of inexperience of an analyst, many mistakes with analyzing have been made in the past. The APR technology got sometimes undeservedly a bad name because of bad analyzing. Our experienced analysts are always available to guarantee you the best possible report.


Sound Tube Testing data analysis
Sound Tube Testing data analysis
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